Kona World Championship Experience

Straight after I raced Ironman 70.3 Gurye South Korea, I was straight on a flight to Hawaii to experience Kona World Championship for the first time. I was extremely excited to go witness first hand the best Ironman athletes in the world compete and also support my girlfriend who was competing. The atmosphere surrounding the race is incredible and how the small costal town of Kona transfers in the week leading up to the race is just amazing.

I knew before arriving in Kona that it is know for having brutal weather conditions of heat and wind but it still didn’t prepare me for the weather conditions. Just trying to go for a run session on Ali Drive the day before the race at the time the pro’s would be running along there was intense. It felt like my body was melting and it just heightened even more my respect of everyone competing the next day.

Race day we witnessed 2 class acts of world triathlon Frodeno and Ryf dominate the competition, it was a good insight to watch these athletes strut their stuff on the world stage and it gave me extra motivation to further my triathlon career. This however will not be in Kona for a few years as I’m at the moment quite intent of trying to master the 70.3 distance. There was another 2 highlights on race day for myself with local mate Ben Bell winning the world championship for his age group which was incredible to watch and also my girlfriend smiling the whole way on the run all the way to the finish line, very proud moment indeed.

It was a great experience going to watch Kona and highly recommended anyone interested in triathlon to experience it at least once in your life cause it will be something you will not regret.


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2 years ago
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